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Land Use & Zoning Lobbying

When your project runs into a land use or zoning issue, having someone on your side to cut through the red tape is essential. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing great projects hit a barrier and not be able to get over it.


No matter what size your project, let’s talk about how we can get it unstuck. We’ve helped countless public and private sector organizations get the approval they need to keep their project on track.

Issue-Based Lobbying

Organizations that are on a mission to make the world better will always encounter resistance from the current system they are trying to change. In these cases, it’s helpful to have someone advocate for you and make sure your voice is heard. 


From local ordinances to changing county and state law, we work with people and organizations to make sure the world keeps getting better, fairer, and more equitable for all. 

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Business Development

When your business wants to form a high-level partnership, but doesn't have the right connection to get the meeting, that's where we come in. Thanks to years in the public and private sector, our team is able to make sure you get to the table with the right decision-maker for your business. 


This kind of service allows companies of all sizes to build and develop highly valuable relationships with their ideal clients, business partners, and vendors. 

Economic Development

City and county governments need to attract the right private sector partnerships if they are going to thrive and grow in the coming years. Our team works directly with local government agencies to attract, vet, and build lasting relationships with ideal businesses for their area. 

Working with local government agencies has allowed us to see millions of dollars poured into key areas of the state that otherwise would have gone elsewhere. 

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Let's Talk About Your Project.

We remove the roadblocks for good ideas and good organizations so our community keeps getting better. 

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Ready to Get Past the Roadblocks?

During our first meeting, we'll talk through where your project or organization is and what is holding you back. 

Consultations are free, so when you're ready to see how easy it can be to get past the roadblocks, just request a consultation by clicking the "Let's Talk" button. 

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