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Whether is building important business relationships, navigating government regulations, or gaining the business attention we are here to help.


Economic Growth

Our goal is to have a positive outcome for the client as well as the community.  We have built strong relationships with the community and help our clients navigate the situation that will best serve them.  The goal is to have a positive impact and ensure that everyone is happy with the end result.


Strategic Consulting for Public Agency

While many companies don't run into issues.  Some have business objectives that they cannot achieve on their own and for those companies, we are here to help.  We not only help clients navigate the systems, but we also take the time to bridge the gap and introduce them to important influential people to build their own relationships that will help with the current and emerging markets.


Development of Relationships

We foster growth by connecting our clients with local influencers that will help further the business's success.


Issue-based Lobbying and Business Development

Our lobby experience and business development are designed to assist our clients in getting attention in a specific subject or geographic area or gain new business.


Zoning and Use of Land

Our team is experts in handling waivers, exceptions, administrative deviations, variances, conventional rezoning Planned Unit Development (PUD) Rezoning, site plan reviews, and land use amendments.   We manage land applications for developers and builders across Florida assisting with issues pertaining to development permitting, land use, and zoning.


Private and Public Partnerships

Private and Public PartnershipsWe want to see success and assist our clients in projects that might be involved in getting the community to take some sort of action.  Through our reputations, relationships, and resources we ensure our client's success, product a capital investment, mutually beneficial, and produce jobs and capital gain.

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